How to Get a Home Business Loan

For most people acquiring a home business loan is essential to starting a home based business. There are a few options available.
First off you may want to do a credit history check to make sure that your credit history is in good shape. Once in a while there can be errors on your credit history that need to be cleaned up before you apply for a loan.

Make a business plan detailing all the expenditures and business goals for the next year to five years. Make this as accurate as possible, for this is going to be the proposal you will be presenting to the lending institutions. The Small Business Administration can help with this step. They have business plans guides that help in setting this up.

Next you will want to find your lending institution.

SBA loans are the most common for a home business loan. The SBA loan is backed by the Federal Government and is usually used for home based businesses. Banks are cautious when lending money for home business because they fall out of the scope of an unsecured loan. Usually a SBA MicroLoan is used for start up businesses. They will loan you up to $25000 for six years at an interest rate of approximately 4% interest.

Line-of-credit loans are when a certain amount of money is deposited into your business checking account on as needed bases. You will be charged interest only on the amount of money that you use. You can not buy real estate or equipment with this type of loan.

A secured loan is what the banks prefer most start up businesses to use. Statistically most small business will fail and the bank wants collateral to insure that they get their money back. This is not an advisable way to get a loan. You could end up losing more than just your business.

Credit card loans are also a way to get some start up capital for your home business loan. This is probably the least of all desirable. If this is your only option it would probably be best to wait to start your home based business.

Getting a home based business loan may require some work and determination, but done correctly you can be on the road as a home based business owner. Be careful of the pitfalls on some of the business loans.